I’m having a bit of a problem nowadays….

.,,with waking up. I just want to keep my eyes firmly closed. Last night we slept in the motorhome, it was so much cooler and we both slept like logs, only to be woken up by a family of crows squabbling over breakfast.

For my NHS colleagues I want to refer back to my bone biopsy. As I think you all know by now, I had my third bone biopsy on Tuesday. For the first time I was sedated. I realise it is more time consuming to do it this way but from a patient’s perspective it was so much better. I hadn’t been told with my first two that this was even an option. Instead I was put through so much pain even though the area where the drilling was taking place was numbed somewhat. I would therefore recommend that every patient due to have this procedure is at least given the option of sedation and it is clearly explained to them, so that at least, they can make an educated choice. I appreciate that this may cause more time and expense,but you try having someone drill into your hip bone in order to extract some bone marrow! Enough said.

By the way have I told you yet how marvellous my party was. How I was lucky enough through my PA, Sharon, to be put in touch with David Mills. David started and finished the night off really well and got us all on the dance floor. Or have I told you about the CC Smugglers who are going to be the next big group to hit the music industry. They certainly know how to party and if you haven’t got their CD yet it’s available through their web site, just tap CC Smugglers into google and you will find them. Thank you so much to my aunty Maureen, who although she lives on the other side of the world, organised for their CD to be delivered to my house, and it’s brilliant.

And Jarvis and I, well I can’t kiss and tell, but let’s just say it was good to get the lot of us all back together again.


For those of you who are not tuned into my Facebook page, I am offering a copy of the party DVD (once I’ve edited it). I just need you to email me your address. It’s free of charge although you are most welcome to give a donation to my just giving page by clicking the button at the beginning of my home page on here.

It looks like it’s going to be another boiling hot day so please do take care.

I am going to get back on to writing my book today. Somebody game me the most lovely leather bound journal, but it is so nice I am a bit nervous of defacing it. Thank you if it was you who kindly brought that as a gift for my birthday. I have been very spoilt as my real birthday, if you remember it was in January, but I wasn’t in a good place then as having just found out my diagnosis. In the hustle and bustle of the party cards got detached from parcels so I must apologise as I am still having difficulty working out who bought what, but I love them all any way.

A very big thank you goes to two dear friends Sharon and Wendy, who couldn’t make the party, but sent me a lovely gift of a porcelain tea pot and selection of teas, now my best present of all is if they would come and visit and share a cuppa with me. Just let me know when your coming, I am in a need to give you both a big hug.

I must go now I hear voices downstairs

Enjoy your day

Deborah xxx