I’m getting tired

Another 10 hour day.  We left at 10am and got home at 8pm.  Good news is we missed rush hour driving to Toronto and back.  He got his blood work done and while we waited for the 2pm appointment with oncology, we had lunch at the hospital.  Wednesday afternoon, he began feeling tired.  All morning on Thursday he walked around the hospital with me.  But, after lunch, he was done.  I grabbed a wheelchair for him and up we went for our appointment.  Sure enough, his hemoglobin was at 80 and they suspect the chemo will continue to effect his numbers and won’t be well on the weekend.  So, they decided to give him two units of blood.   Also, his immunity was at zero.  ZERO!  The nurse on Monday should NOT have told us to stop with the neupogin injections.  OMG.  I even questioned her if it was ok with oncology!!!  Darn! I really must pay attention to my gut instincts!  They gave him an injection right there in the office.  Off we went to 4th floor to the unit to get his blood.  Poor Tony.  He was really tired.  Because it was late in the day, the rooms with beds were available.  He got a private room with TV and was able to sleep and relax while getting his blood transfusion.  (and a reminder again to the nurses re his pre-meds)  Is there a medic alert for allergic reactions to blood transfusions?  It should be in his file.  It should be on his wrist band when they give him one every visit.  It should be!  Anyone know?  Must ask next time.
He got benedryl but no Tylenol.  I must say though, those nurses were very attentive to him.  Checking up on him.  Weird thing was his blood pressure just kept inching higher and higher.  But, when done, it was back to normal.  Odd
We closed the place down.  Last patient to leave the chemo daycare clinic.
Next week we shall see.