I’m feeling good..

…the leftover pain I was feeling in my feet yesterday appears to have disappeared and I feel on top of the world this morning, and all this on rather a broken nights sleep! I woke up in the early hours, played various games on my mini iPad and found that I just couldn’t get back to sleep, despite 50mg of Amitriptyline. But I do still feel rather good and I really want to go shopping, unfortunately as I am at a time when my immune system is likely to be rather compromised a trip to Ikea is out of the question. I need to get some more new bedding before my party and a cover for my new ikea sofa bed, another of my eBay purchases which sent Colin on a four hour round trip to Surrey, to collect.(whoops)

I shall have to content myself to doing more sorting out of clothes and making more candle holders for the big event which is only 16 sleeps away! OMG I had better make some lists, don’t ask me why but it seems an appropriate line of thought. I must also check (again) who is and isn’t coming. If you haven’t let me know please do so ASAP or you may be unlucky as tickets are fast running out. If I have left you out please do send me an email as it will in no way be intentional and I would love you to come and join in with all the fun.

Have I told you yet how much I love my new bed? It is so comfortable and was definitely a very good buy. I must however get up and on with the jobs for the day.

Enjoy yours

Deborah x

Scores on the board
Physical health = 2
Mental health = 2
Remember 0 is super and 10 I have just about had it!