I’m feeling fine

….just tired as expected. Yesterday I did feel quite nauseous at times but at least I wasn’t actually sick. It was however, lovely to see my little grandson who has bought so much joy into our lives. He is a credit to his mummy and is always happy and smiling. I am now, just going to keep myself to myself over the next few days as I know my immune system will be comprised, but it won’t be long now until I have grown enough stem cells ready for harvesting.

Last night we both had a brilliant nights sleep in our new bed with the most comfortable of mattresses. It was a bargain from eBay for £160 but the mattress had only been slept on twice in the couples spare room and we just loved the headboard so although Colin was a bit unhappy that I had gone and spent all that money on a divan he had to give in and agree it was a very good buy.
The mattress is individual sprung coils with a thick layer of memory foam on top and looking it up is worth nearly £400 on its own!

Gosh how old am I sounding, next I will be discussing tea at different garden centres!

Well that will have to do from me for now, if I do get any energy today I shall work on my book.

Deborah x