I’m back…………

I am sorry I haven’t done an update. I have been so good during lockdown that I even shocked myself! Lol I am doing very well and my white count is on it’s way back up. My hemoglobin is low and will take a little longer to go back up. So I tire easily but my body will eventually get use to it. I will soon have a new nohair-do! My scalp was so sore earlier in the week and I knew what that meant. My hair has slowly been coming out and if I pull at, brush it, etc a lot comes out. Today it has really been coming out and it is getting thinner. So this weekend, I will have Dennis give me a buzz cut. Every where I turn there is hair. I have passed the cats in shedding! :) Next week I will return to Duke and have a bone marrow biopsy and blood work. If the results are where they want them to be, then on to transplant. If not, a second round of chemo. So we are slowly getting there. Everyone has been so kind to us. We really do appreciate all that has been done for us! God is good!
I don’t know if everyone knows about the stomach virus(norovirus) that has been moving throughout the state but they are saying that the most effective protection and way to curtailing it is hand-washing. Even hand sanitizers don’t work that well for this virus, just good ole hand-washing for at least 15 seconds. Wash as frequently as you can especially if your around a lot of children. It can live on surfaces and can be picked up that way when you touch door handles, and other surfaces. It is easily transmitted. Wake County has been hit hard with breakouts. So that is your public health announcement for today! LOL Seriously though these type of break outs make my antenna go up. The symptoms can come on suddenly, vomiting and diarrhea. I am taking the proper precautions when I have to be out. An infection such as this could be very dangerous for the immune compromised individuals. Okay, wash those hands!
I will keep updating as I continue my journey through this labryinth of treatments! Stay tuned and that is all folks!! :) Be blessed! XXXOO