If You Don’t Like the Culture, Change the Culture

It has been a strange and disturbing week.
FL has been in pain, exhausted and miserable.
Work reached whole new levels of insanity.

I sought comfort in yarn and literature.

I knitted a pair of teeny tiny baby socks for a colleague’s firstborn.
I continued work on my 1980’s revival sweater.
I plotted the creation of a crocheted Moomin or two :)

I listened to the whole audiobook of Tuesdays with Morrie.  That’s where my post title originated.
And I am halfway through reading Haus Frau by Jill Alexander Essbaum.

I also began to dip my toes into Instagram – I am trying not to fall into the rabbit-hole completely, by treating myself to a few minutes here and there while I wait for the dinner to cook, or the dog to be ready for his walk.  I am theroobeedoo if you want to follow me there.

I am still finding my way around my new smartphone – I can only see the screen if I put on my reading glasses, so texting can be a dreadful misadventure at times.  Poor FL has received some bewildering messages this week!

I also discovered the joy that is Cardamom Chai – perfect with a Blueberry Spelt Muffin!

I bought a couple of new sewing patterns this week:  the Brumby Skirt by Megan Nielsen and the Basics.tank by Cali Faye.  I hope to get to at least one of those this weekend, as well as finishing off my denim Maya dress by Marilla Walker.

So I should be back soon with something new to wear.
And hopefully sounding a bit cheerier!