If It’s Fall, It’s Time for the Fair!

Every year when October rolls around, we start anticipating the North Carolina State Fair! I can only recall two times since 1989 that we have missed it, and one of them was when EZ was two months post transplant…definitely not possible to be eating fair food while being surrounded by hundreds of people carrying millions of germs! This year we were thrilled to be going with our kids…well with the exception of Nick who was entrenched in his studies (oops, as EZ reminded me with his comment below, it was a NASCAR race that kept Nick from joining us!). It was a gorgeous night and we had a blast.
 The six of us loaded up and headed down to Raleigh for our night of family, food and fun at the fair!

 First stop, the roasted corn and lemonade, Big EZ’s favorite!

 Next we decided to split a pizza. Surprisingly good…brought me back to my days in Italy!
Kyle had to have some homemade chips (loaded) and of course we all helped him finish them! Tara loves the fried Snickers (We all know this stuff is pretty awful for you, but once a year we’ll forget about that!)
 This gentleman has been making us root beer floats in his red and white striped tent/truck for as long as we’ve been going to the fair (he does normally smile).

Are you getting the picture here? We LOVE fair food and look forward to our favorites for a whole year! Its just part of the experience.
Time to ride the swings with my girls!
And here are the couples:  EZ and I, Tara and Jamie, and Kyle and Leah.
What’s the fair without bringing home a caramel apple from Miss Debbie’s to cut up and share later? Already looking forward to next year!

Many thanks to Sophie, Suzanna and Gigi for entertaining and watching over our five grandchildren so that we grown ups could be kids again!