ICU Days 9 and 10

Saturday and Sunday for Andre has been relatively quiet except for short bursts of V-tachs and SVTs everytime he was agitated. The docs have held off on the Haldol since it can exacerbate his arrhythmia.

He was able to breathe on his own for 35 min yesterday until he started getting agitated again which made his breathing labored. They’ll do another one today but the docs had already concluded today that a tracheostomy is warranted for three reasons: 1) they expect Andre to require some ventilator assistance with his breathing until the dead space in his lung resolve itself; 2) longer term ventilation is best done with a tracheostomy tube than an endotracheal tube, and; 3) the tracheostomy tube will probably lessen his agitation everytime they take him off sedation.

The tracheostomy will likely happen early this week since the July 4th weekend is coming up. The risks are the same as in any surgery–bleeding and infection–but the procedure itself is relatively minor as it can even be performed in his hospital room.

Everything else about Andre’s condition–his kidney and liver functions, the infections–are moving in the right direction albeit in baby steps. He recognizes me and he responds to questions during those few minutes when his sedation has worn off. He’s still there which is the most reassuring thing in this whole debacle. I hope that on July 3rd, he’ll be more cognitive so I can greet him a “Happy Anniversary”.