ICU Day 8 – PM

Andre’s Versed sedation for tonight is 2x his usual dose. They need him to be more rested for tomorrow’s breathing trial. The respiratory tech again had to make adjustments to the ventilator settings because Andre’s blood CO2 level was increasing. High CO2 level leads to lower pH of the blood or acidosis which can be causing the V-tachs. Apparently, Andre’s heart had also exhibited SVTs.

A step forward for Andre this afternoon is the removal of the second (and last) chest tube. This should make Andre even more comfortable. I hope it’s enough that he’ll be less agitated when they do the spontaneous breathing trials this weekend. We would rather that the docs not resort to a tracheostomy. My darling had been through so much already. But as we always say to one another, “we have to do what we have to do”.