ICU Day 7

It’s a relatively good day for Andre. He did a spontaneous breathing trial–him breathing on his own–today that lasted for about 35 min. The CO2 level in his blood after the test was still higher than normal but it was close. Shortly after the test, the pulmonary critical care doc decided to put the ventilator on an as-needed mode (I think he called it pressure assist). Andre managed to breathe on his own for another 2 hours before he “woke up” agitated from sedation. Everyone was happy with the work he had done today. I’m happy too.

The preliminary results of Andre’s bronchoscopy so far shows no bacterial infection in his right lung. As a precautionary measure, they added another antibiotic–Vancomycin–on his meds list. Andre’s kidney function is also showing signs of improvement which is another reason for me to be happy.

For tomorrow, it will be more of the same for Andre–spontaneous breathing trials coupled with the sedation level balancing act. As for me, I need to start packing what’s left of our Seattle home. It’s mostly Andre’s garage/workshop that I need to move. If our realtor doesn’t drop the ball, the signing to close on our house sale is on the 2nd of July. It’ll be a busy weekend.