ICU Day 2

Andre is still intubated. The pulmonary critical care docs decided that Andre’s breathing is still too labored to be off the ventilator. When they did the spontaneous breathing trial this morning, Andre was breathing great at the start (he was taking in as much air in his lung as any normal adult according to the docs). But several minutes into it, he started getting agitated which bumped up his blood pressure, increased his breathing, and put his arterial blood gas in the abnormal range (the CO2 concentration was the main discrepancy).

Because of the anxiety that Andre is exhibiting, they started him on Haldol. He’s getting it every 4 hrs if I’m not mistaken. I hope the Haldol will do its magic and that the docs can take out the tubes tomorrow. They’ve also started giving him food via his feeding tube, on top of the TPN that he’s getting by way of his central line.

It’s 10:20 PM right now and Andre is sleeping. I’m staying the night in case he ask for me.