ICU Day 13 and 14

Today is exactly two weeks after Andre’s surgery. There’s nothing much to report since it’s been a pretty quiet day-and-a-half. They did another breathing trial yesterday which lasted for about three hours before they put him back on the ventilator–the reason, he “woke up” and started breathing faster and shallower. Right now, he’s back breathing on his own again. It’s been at least an hour-and-a-half. Let’s see how long he can go this time.

Tomorrow is the tracheotomy day, at 9 AM. I signed the consent for the procedure yesterday, and the otolaryngology surgical resident who consented me told me I’m the first caregiver/patient to ever ask about the difference between a tracheotomy and a tracheostomy. I asked because he kept calling the procedure the former while the pulmonary & critical care doc kept calling it the latter. The resident’s bottomline response is that the former is simpler procedure, and typically temporary. I’ll take his word for it.

I’ve been slowing packing the house. Our realtor clarified to me that we don’t have to move out today. That’s a relief.