I would rather not …….

….have Cancer. There you go I’ve said it and I suppose its obvious really. I am trying to make the best of not such a great situation and I don’t think I am doing too bad a job but it’s not always easy to be Mrs Cheerful all the time. This said I had a sort of lovely morning yesterday as I was given the best gift of all, TIME. Mum kindly took me over to an amazing little place in Stevenage old town where some lovely kind girls just cared for me.


Cancer hair care is a charity set up to support women coping with hair loss and they do a brilliant job. I was proud of my hair and I know Kate was always a little envious of my thick locks, so it did seem pretty unfair as it started to come out. Don’t get me wrong I liked my new trendy short hairstyle but it didn’t last for long and now I am down to almost a crew cut. So there were a few tears yesterday (for both mum and me) as the full realisation of the situation hit home or rather head! It seems a bit of a marker point, something that makes me stand out and shows myself and the rest of the world that yes I really do have Cancer.

All of this was made easier though by the patience and attention I was shown by these lovely people. For free they cut my hair, trimmed my new wig, and gave me a number of hats and scarves all beautifully wrapped up in pink tissue paper. So I have found the perfect place to donate all the second hand scarves I receive so others can continue to benefit as I did. And yet again I was reminded about all that was good on the world.

Sadly though whilst we were there mum got a parking ticket, isn’t that just Sod’s law! We had carefully checked the space out and were convinced it was a genuine allowable place to park. It seemed not and as the owner of the nearby cafe said its very ambiguous so we will go to appeal and hopefully not have to pay the £35 fine!

After an afternoon enjoyed under the cosy duvet, Colin’s parents had kindly brought round earlier, our friends joined us for a light supper which looked, and I was told, was delicious. So can I recommend to you Jamie Oliver’s King Prawn Cocktail Slate with Sun Dried Tomato Pan Bread. Putting all these lovely ingredients together and making the very easy bread was a joy. as was watching my beautiful friends and husband tuck in to it, but unfortunately for me it tasted of nothing so I resorted back to the comfort of a bowl of cold refreshing ice cream.

Maybe today I shall start my painting for the curry house who don’t even know they want or need a painting. I just hope I have a large enough canvas somewhere.

Have a lovely weekend folks I think Spring is in the air.


Physical Health = 4
Mental Health = 4.5

0 is good 10 is bad so I am doing OK!

PS. Thank you Mummy for all your support x