I Was Retired and Now I’m Just Tired – November 12 2012

I retired in 2004 after 29 years at the same job. I loved my job, but retirement is NOT overrated! Then, on 24 May 2011, I was diagnosed with high risk (4:14, 1q21) multiple myeloma which has turned in to a full-time job! I don’t think a single week has gone by in the last 18 months that I haven’t had a blood draw or chemo or both.

I’m always jealous of other multiple myeloma patients who say in their blogs, “don’t have to get another check for 3 months!” And on the other hand, many are probably jealous that I’m retired!

So far, I’ve survived two autologous stem cell transplants, tons of chemo, and driven a gazillion miles. Right now, in my second relapse with 60 % plasma cells back in my bone marrow, I devote two days a week to chemo with 270 miles of driving, a motel stay and