I Think, NO, I KNOW – December 1 2012

I think, NO, I know – I hate Aredia (bone building medication). I received intravenous Aredia on Tuesday, 27 Nov 2012 and I have been wiped out ever since! First, it gave me a headache, and aches all over, then completely sapped my energy for 3 days.

I went to the Lost River Medical Center in Arco, Idaho yesterday for a blood draw to check my platelets. My white blood cell count is down to 1.9 which is considered “critically low” (norms 4.5-11). My ANC (absolute neutrophil count is 1.05 (norms 2-8). Lost River Medical Center faxed the results to St. Luke’s Hospital MSTI in Twin Falls and RN Brittany called me to caution me to stay away from sick people and to do good hand washing.

My hemoglobin is a tad low at 10.9 (norms 12-16) and my platelets were 108 (norms 140-440) so I can continue on my full-dose 15,000 units Fragmin injections.

I also got my SPEP results drawn on 27 Nov 2012 at St. Luke’s Hospital MSTI, Twin Falls. My M-Spike is 0.5. My free light chains were unable to be calculated because my values were below their reportable ranges.
History of SPEP Overtime 8 Mar 2012 to 27 Nov 2012:

My immunoglobulins are still non-existent except for IgG is 720 (norms 700-1600); IgA Less Than 13 (norms 70-400), and IgM Less Than 8 (norms 40-230).

Total Protein 7.1 (norms 6-8.2)
Albumin 4.2 (norms 3-5.2)
Alpha 1  0.3 (norms 0.1-0.4) 
Alpha 2  0.7 (norms 0.5-1.1)
Beta   1.2 (norms 0.7-1.5)
Gamma  0.7 (norms 0.5-1.6)
M Spike 0.5 (norms 0)
Alpha/Gamma 1.5 (0)

History of my immunoglobulins since 2nd ASCT 18 May 2012 and before.