I SO HATE MULTIPLE MYELOMA!  It keeps taking people I know and love.

I just got an email from the co leader of the Jacksonville, Fl  multiple myeloma support group informing me that Hunter Chiles, our other co leader had just lost his 10 1/2 year battle with Multiple Myeloma.  Anne wrote:  Dianna notified me last night, that Hunter passed into the hands of God yesterday morning. He had myeloma for 10 ½ years and, as most of you know, fought a very hard battle this past year.  It hit me like a punch in the gut.   I write this with tears in my eyes that I just can’t seem to suppress. When he was diagnosed the average life expectancy was three years, so he put up one valiant fight, but I can find very little comfort from this because he has left us too soon.   I have said before that being in a support group is great and part of it is the excellent people you meet and the remarkable friendships that develop, but in times like these,  it is unbelievably sad.  You get to know and love these exceptional people, such fighters, so brave, selfless and caring, and then one day they are not at the meeting and are fighting for their lives.   Hunter was a dear friend, and I know how I feel, so I can not imagine Dianne and his family’s pain.   


If you look at the picture to the left, you will see soul mates. Dianne would talk and Hunter’s lips would move, and Hunter would complete Dianne’s sentences.  The smiles in this picture were not just for the picture but were always plastered on both of their faces.  Such a wonderful loving team they were together.  He was always quick to laugh, and he knew I was a little bit of showman at the support group meetings, and would constantly egg me on, and I loved it.  Everyone in the multiple myeloma support group enjoyed his and Dianne’s upbeat and caring personalities. 

When Anne Pacowta’s husband died from multiple myeloma, Dianna and Hunter were the first to step up and take on the support group leadership role, and ultimately to be co leaders with Anne. Hunter was my friend and he will be sorely missed.   I just HATE MULTIPLE MYELOMA!  One thing I am sure of is that he is with God the Father!  And they both have a smile on their faces!