I really do hope I have a better day today

I don’t like fatigue it doesn’t suit my nature but when it comes there seems little one can do about it. The thing that worries me is why it is returning just when I thought I was on the mend. Perhaps the consultant will have an answer for me tomorrow. I hope it is just what to expect in the normal cource of events and nothing worse. The hot flushes that keep me awake at night don’t help the situation. I feel I am a slave to my body and at the moment I would like to make it my friend instead of my foe.

The plan was for me to start work this week allocating a couple of hours each day writing or researching for my book, I may have to reconsider these plans but I hope not. The weather is looking pretty good and at least if I do have to take another day of rest it will be in lovely surroundings, probably watching Colin as he attempts to cut down the field on the slow ride on mower.

I might just have another little sleep now if I can before the morning really gets started.

Love to you all

Deborah x

Scores on the board
Physical health = 5
Mental health = 6