I Made a KILLER Dinner on Saturday

As there was no Football on Saturday, I spent much of the day preparing dinner.

I’ve been trying to clean out my freezer in past days.  I found about a pound and 1/3 of Beef Stew Meat.

After it was partially thawed out, I cut it very thinly.  As it’s a tough cut of meat, I did some research and found “Velveting”.  http://www.dish-ditty.com/recipe/velvet-beef-chicken-chinese-stir-fry/

It did the trick.  My beef was very tender and “velvety”.  Tasted like something out of a Chinese restaurant!

Ingredients included:

Snow Peas
Green Beans
Baby Corn
Baby Bella Mushrooms  (Our new favorite)
Water Chestnuts
8 cloves Garlic

I sauteed the onions, mushrooms and garlic in Olive Oil.

Slowly added the other ingredients.

Mixed up a combination of:

1 Cup Soy Sauce
8 Tablespoons of Brown Sugar
3 Teaspoons of Rice Vinegar

Dumped it in and covered for a few minutes to slightly cook the snow peas and green beans.

Gang….. this ROCKED!

Served it with Fried “rice” Quinoa. http://nononan.blogspot.com/2016/07/another-out-of-this-world-recipe-fried.html