I love the sounds this car makes

I enjoyed the 7 hour scenic drive down the coast Friday to visit my brother.

I almost hit a bird,

17MAY15 029b

took in some sites,

17MAY15 015b

and finally made it to the last town before the California border.

17MAY15 035

We did a couple computer projects, ran our radio control cars on the beach, streamed an Athey Creek service, ate pizza and drank Mt. Dew.

I got some pictures of my brother, Loren,

17MAY15 066

and his Harley.

18MAY15 106

I drove the same route home Monday and rolled into the shop just before thunder introduced a powerful downpour.

It feels like time is passing about as quickly as the road under that Harley. For this remission, family, friends, and countless blessings, I remain thankful to God.