I LOVE My Doctor! & Trip Went Well… Back Home Now.

 We got back from Illinois around 10:30 last night and pretty much went straight to bed after I did a treatment. Everything went very smoothly on the return trip, but the trip out with layover in Atlanta was a scramble. I have been catching up on email and stuff today and had the following message from my doctor, with my response below. I am very grateful to have landed such a great doctor! Whenever people ask how I feel about this move to Texas, I usually cite the healthcare I currently have as one of the things I really feel blessed about!

—– Message —–
Subject: just checking in

Hi Karyn,
Just checking to see if you are back in town and doing OK. I was thinking you were going to be getting some blood counts late last week on Thursday but no results showed up in my inbox and I don’t see any results in the computer. Did you have them done and the lab just hasn’t entered them or did you end up not coming in?
Also, I forgot to ask Christen to add the light chains to the labs last Tuesday so we will have to send them tomorrow when you come.
Hope you are doing OK.
Dr. A.

—– Message —–
Subject: RE: just checking in

I am doing great. I had a wonderful weekend, just move a little slow through airports but Greg facilitates & we use it to board first (any tricks you can to get priority huh). I have trouble lifting much so I just packed light and he dealt with both our carry-ons. I held up pretty well at my sisters and visiting and doing dialysis and all that. You almost wouldn’t know … except, I do move slow, prefer to sit/not be on my feet and my blood pressure is still running low, like in the 80’s/90’s over 40’s/50’s.

I did not come in for bloodwork, your office had called to move my time due to some meetings or something and it would have made us miss our flights plus I was feeling OK, I can pretty much tell when I’m dragging THAT much, so we agreed I would just come in on Tuesday.

OK on pulling light chain results. I need to quit obsessing over those numbers anyway.

Thanks for checking on me.

On the way TO Bloomington-Normal, on Thursday, our flight got delayed boarding AND taking off, something with the brakes getting hot. We had the connecting flight in Atlanta, at a different gate OF COURSE but it also had some delay going on. We went as fast as we could (as I could go) from the gate to the train and once we came up on the concourse, Greg hailed a sky cap who gave us a ride all the way down to the gate where they were boarding the little jet to Bloomington, we walked right up to the counter and she had our boarding passes, making some comment about how we probably wouldn’t like our seats (they were the last row) but I just told her, as long as we’re on the plane, we’re ecstatic with whatever! It was a big hallelujah to make that leg.

Thursday night we just hung out, had wings for dinner, visited and saw the kids remodeled rooms upstairs, and Greg made it to their neighborhood lake to fish for a little while. On Friday we tried to help getting things ready around the house so the boys could sneak out on the boat and fish a little in the afternoon. Greg and I went by Joey’s and checked on him, we found out his TV wasn’t working with the cable box and he still hadn’t replaced a lot of the things that became missing when he lived in a different apartment while they remodeled because of the fire in the laundry room/ his kitchen. He has Mom’s old TV and when he tried to hook up the play station he lost some setting and could not get it back, nor could Greg. The TV has some goofy “Guide Plus” thing on it and we don’t have the remote or documentation or anything. Joey and I went to Avanti’s and got lunch while Greg tried, then the two of them went through the set up menus quite a few times trying to get it to work but nothing worked. We made a list of things he needs and Greg & I promised to come back.

Friday I tanked a bit and ended up pretty much on the couch with no energy (anemic) and even sent Kathy and Lauren up to Old Navy without me while I relaxed. I know it scares people to see me so low on energy, but it is pretty much what I deal with all the time. That is why I am so grateful when I feel like walking around, doing things, able to go from room to room or be on my feet for a few minutes without feeling dizzy. Saturday morning I let Greg go fishing with Mark instead of help me and I went and got Aunt Charoline to hit some thrift stores and look for furniture for Joey, as he only had the TV, a treadmill, and a sofa in his living room. Then his bed in back. That was it. Well the trip with her was a bust, but Tim Fenton swung by and agreed to meet me at Wal-Mart. I dropped off Char, and in talking to her had decided Joey should be part of this so I swung by and got him, so he could pick out a TV with digital that will work with his cable box. I just couldn’t imagine sitting in that apartment with no form of entertainment and felt it needed to be solved.

Got all that dealt with and got back to Kathy’s to help with the crawfish boil, I picked things to do like SIT and peel garlic. Aunt Nancy and Uncle Howard showed up early and began helping, it was fun visiting with them especially before people arrived, and they stayed til 5 or so and seemed to enjoy themselves. David and Nancy Siron also showed up and I had fun getting caught up with them too, they are in town waiting for their first grandbaby to be born. Funny we travel this far to see friends that live 10 minutes from us in Texas! Kristy and George Galindo from across the street in the “:crooked house” were a lot of fun too, I heard George was one of the last ones to leave (around 1 am). I pretty much camped in a lawn chair, had a few drinks (electric lemonade) and gabbed. Later it became more of a hockey and Epiphany parents party around the table and it was easy enough for Greg and I to sneak off to bed around 11, we just let the kids know Camren’s room was being closed for the night. It looked like a tornado had hit in their from the kids playing up there off and on all day, but that’s what happy kids do!

Sunday was just a lolling about day and Greg and Mark cooked up the rest of the shrimp and crawfish before we caught our flight at 4. We went by Sam’s then Joey’s in the morning and they got the new TV hooked up and going and they set up the folding table and chairs in the kitchen. Renee and Tim and other relatives had brought a TV stand and recliner over so the situation seemed a lot better. I picked up underwear and shorts and a deli pizza for him too. He seemed pretty happy with things so I feel a lot better about it. There’s just a lot of room for disaster with that whole situation, but I certainly am not going to fret about it. I do think his counselor is a piece of shit for not returning my calls or taking better care of him and I wish there was some way to force better care, but am afraid to upset things and end up having to move him or deal with it more than I do.

The flights home went GREAT. On time, almost could make one believe in air travel again. My legs got restless and I had to take a pain pill but that worked out and I am glad I carry that solution around in my purse.