I love free money!

This is what I got in the mail today…


Thank you Partners HealthCare! I WILL fill out your survey pertaining to my experience using Patient Gateway (patient portal where I can check my lab results) and gladly take your $5.00…or as you say in the letter, “We have enclosed a token of our appreciation as our way of saying thanks to you for completing the survey.” You’re welcome!

Yes, I am that cheap and that poor to get excited over 5 bucks. Ridiculous.

I’ve actually completed this survey a number of times. Partners just keeps sending it to me. In fact, a year ago they actually sent me TWO separate surveys, and therefore, TWO five dollar bills. I was pumped.

However, a week or two later, I got a letter in the mail explaining that the extra survey had been sent by mistake and asking me if could I please mail back the $5.00 from the duplicate survey.

And you know what? I did.

I may be cheap, but at least I’m honest. :)