I Heart Boston

I was at Dana-Farber today for my three month blood draw and 24 hour urine collection drop off. I see Dr. R, my rheumatologist, and an endocrinologist within the next week to hopefully get to the bottom of what is going on with my crappy, low, bone density.

I was a little nervous driving into town today as I wasn’t sure if there would be road closures en route to DFCI, around the finish line area, or around Brigham and Women’s Hospital due to the events of yesterday. Turned out to be pretty much, “business as usual.” There were a couple security guards by the entrance to DF… I got a little nervous my plain brown paper shopping bag (containing my urine jugs!) would get searched but I went right through.

I’ve been to various spots on the route of the Boston Marathon many, many, times – since I was a little kid – and have been at the finish line within the last couple of years. Luckily, yesterday I was housebound with the 24 hour urine collecting.

My Facebook newsfeed is currently flooded with friend’s posts of pictures, articles, and references to Patriot’s Day, Marathon Monday, and Boston.

Here are a few…

What Patriots’ Day Means

People from around the country might think that this is just the day that the Boston Marathon is run. It isn’t. In Massachusetts, Patriot’s Day is a holiday where the entire state takes off from work and joins together to cheer on and participate in the human endeavor of challenging oneself to accomplish a tremendous physical feat, to promote charity, and to celebrate life and community. This was an attack on the foundation of the Boston community.”


Just so sad.