I Hate Pills!

I put this little rant up on Facebook earlier today, so I reproduce it here for your entertainment:

‘I HATE PILLS! A magnesium tablet is staring at me right now. I have just about managed to eat its twin. It is like eating chalk with a weird cereal flavour. On top of this is: ginormous aciclovir tablet which you have break in half or dissolve into a disgusting sludge, 4 ciclosporin tablets which smell and taste like yeast residue in beer brewing, a white liquid anti-fungal which comes in a little syringe (I often end up dribbling if I get that wrong) and is disgusting, an antibiotic for my runs, a tiny folic acid (I lost one in the bedding the other day), and a poor little omeprazole, which I think is overwhelmed by everything else. I also have a pink Gaviscon type liquid in a syringe, but it is so viscous that I have only been able to train myself to take it recently. So far I have taken 30 mins over getting these down and still have that nasty magnesium one to go…..’


I had a whinge about it to the registrar and although he made me take that last magnesium tablet he said my levels were normal now and I don’t need more today. However, if I do keep having the runs I may need them again…..

Trying a proper lunch today. Does not look appetising – rectangle of white fish in parsley sauce with a lump of mash and a lump of some indefinable red and yellow pureed veg. But will try to eat at least a little as it will help the mucositis.