I got the Power

I bought a generator last year. I’d gotten fed up with power outtages and so I decided to get proactive about it. I’m getting ready to have the generator hooked up so that it comes on when the power fails, an automatic switchover. Living in Spokane, on two occasions I have been without electricity once for four days and the other for 12 days. I’ve had power drops of two to five hours about four to six times a year. Let me tell you, life changes pretty radically when you go over a week without power. At least I had water. Some of the people live on lines that require a pump to keep their pressure up. With the power gone, their water went with it. Being out of power in a city for over a week is a phenomenal experience. Many stores are closed, and those that are open are either hand writing bank card charges or accepting cash. Banks are closed –or at least seriously limited in function. When the money stops flowing, everything stops flowing.

These days, with my condition much more fragile than ever, I have medical support equipment that needs to work. I managed to get equipment that is able to function on battery power, the batteries consistently charged by the grid until that power stops. Then it shifts to battery only. This only works for a day or so when the battery depletes and there’s no way to recharge it.