I Don’t Get Out Much

You must be tired of hearing me complain about my shortage of warm tops. I know I am!
Hopefully, I will soon have the situation under control.
I listened to your advice about print-mixing and knuckled down to some serious ebay-scouring.
The plan was to find fabrics that would mix and match with existing skirts and trousers, with the emphasis on recent makes like the unexpectedly blog-popular mustard mini.  You like it?  Aw – thanks! : )

The two navy prints above are “vintage” Viyella,  a washable wool / cotton mix, both from the same seller.  They have a brushed finish and a horrific attraction to dog hair.  I hoovered, mopped, hoovered again… and still ended up with mutt-fluff all over it when I tried to cut out an Airelle top.  Grrr….

This fabric also has a weird chemical smell which I am blaming on the dye.  I pre-washed it and a lot of colour came out, but it is still smelly.  I think I will have to wash the finished garment again before I wear it.  I hope it doesn’t look as faded as that photo suggests!

This is another brushed fabric, but 100% cotton this time.  It absolutely screams “1970’s” to me and I am besotted with the print.  So much so, that I can’t bring myself to cut it up. Ridiculous behaviour!

I bought it with another Airelle in mind, but as I was ironing it, I suddenly imagined a smock-tastic mini-dress with a purple needlecord collar – ooh!

So I folded it up and put it away, waiting for the right pattern.  Prevarication is my middle name.

And finally, another “Viyella” fabric… allegedly.  But this feels more cotton-like than the navy prints.  It was also quite off-puttingly stained when it arrived.

It was very cheap, but I still felt a little bit cheated to have been fooled into buying something that had been lying around heaven-knows-where gathering dirt for at least the last thirty years, judging by the print.  I washed it immediately, and hung it on the line in a stiff breeze, so it is now refreshed, but still in quarantine.

I have a difficult relationship with second-hand goods, suspecting them of carrying the plague.  This is why I don’t buy vintage / thrifted clothes.

This is quite a big piece of fabric and it is whispering Robe Sureau rather insistently… which was definitely NOT the plan!  I need tops, not dresses!

Overall, I am pretty pleased with the outcome of my virtual shopping trip, but it must be so much easier for sew-ists who live near fabric shops / markets.  (Birmingham market shoppers, I am looking at you!)

I really must plan a trip (somewhere, anywhere) in the new year.  I might have sewn this lot up by then!

P.S. Watch this space for more news of the Drafting Top Pattern – it is coming soon… with international shipping options – woo hoo!