I Can’t Wait

Ka-ching! Thirty dollars is sucked from my gasping bank account.  I couldn’t help myself. The new Star Trek, Into Darkness, is being released tomorrow and it was an autonomous reaction clicking on the Purchase Now button for tickets. Just like breathing. It’s even in 3D, so the special effects will take place in my lap.

Of course, going to a theater full of people and breathing their air is a very foolish thing for a Multiple Myeloma sufferer to do. Considering I invariably come up with a bug a couple of days after visiting the VA hospital, I’m already dreading the symptoms I’ll be feeling come Saturday or Sunday. However, I just can’t help myself. I do love the prequels to the succession of Star Trek series and movies that J.J. Abrams is making.

When I first heard that a movie prequel was being released back in 2009, I was underwhelmed. Besides, who the hell were Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto?  Sure, there was no way that Bill Shatner and Leonard Nimoy could reprise their roles, but hey, Kirk and Spock were Kirk and Spock, not a couple of guys I never heard of before. The movie had been out for a few months before my wife finally convinced me to go see it.  I went into the theater sick as a dog, being in the middle of chemotherapy at the time. My doctor looked at me like I was out of my mind when I mentioned our plans to go see the show.  I sat through the commercials and the previews waiting for the Ondansetron anti-nausea medicine to kick in and prayed that I wouldn’t upchuck all over the people in front of me halfway through the movie.

startrekThe next thing I knew the movie was over and I was smiling so widely that it was possible that my head might separate at the jawline. I loved it. I was so engrossed in the movie that for the two hours and some the movie played, I wasn’t sick. There was no cancer, no chemo, no symptoms and medications to suppress them. There was just this really great movie. Truth be told, four days later I was in the VA Emergency Department with a fever of 103 and a case of pneumonia that was pretty nasty. I spent the next two weeks recovering and they had to interrupt my chemo for three weeks to be strong enough to handle its effects. Needless to say my doctor was not as enthusiastic about the movie as I was.

When the movie was released to DVD a few months later I bought a copy and it has taken its place among my small but elite collection of favorite films. It sits alongside Dune, Independence Day, and nine other movies that I seem to be able to watch and enjoy over and over again.  It takes me a few years before I can enjoy a reread of my favorite books. Even then it takes authors like MacDonald, Parker, Sandford, Kellerman, Crais, Grisham or Child to get a repeat read. I usually prefer books to movies because they stimulate the imagination more. Movies tend to show you everything and deny your mind from filling in little blanks here and there. Ask five people what MacDonald’s Travis McGee looks like and you’ll get five different answers. When Robert Urich was tapped to be the television version of Parker’s Spenser, I found it difficult to watch because he sure didn’t look like the Spenser I knew and loved so well.

But I applaud the new Star Trek movies that J.J. Abrams is making. The teasers for Into Darkness make me believe that it will be just as great as its predecessor. That’s why I’m waiting anxiously for 8:15 tomorrow night with thirty bucks less in the bank.

Too cool.