I CAN’T EVEN…………………………….

In the last 4 months, I turned over both apartments in our 2-family, both due to broken leases. Buying a 2 family home for a future investment seemed like a good idea at the time. Not sure it was and Tim being diagnosed with MM 13 days later???? Um, yeah, not such a good idea, for sure. I’ve had tons of turnover. Luckily, we made this place beautiful so both apartments rent fast, BUT, I’m sick of all the work and stress of it. So, I turn over the big one the week we are moving Liv back home from college and turn over the 2nd floor one a day after we moved her back last week. The guy moved in on Saturday, after Tim and I put some finishing touches on the place. Then, we showered and ran back down to Monmouth University to see the first football game in the new stadium. Liv works for the athletic department and was selling programs when we got there. Halfway through the game, I had to go to our truck and lie down. I didn’t feel well. Coulda been the hot dog, could be the recent adjustment in blood pressure meds, could be all the stress I’ve been under lately. Who knows. After the game, we drop off a few things in Liv’s dorm room and hit the road about 7:30 in the rain. We are just exhausted, hungry, and I just want to go to bed. My cell rings. It’s my dad, asking where we are. I tell him, “on the parkway.” He says, “what exit” and I know something is wrong. I ask what’s going on and he tells me he thinks he’s got a kidney stone and is having my mom drive him to the hospital. We change our route and go out toward their area and find the hospital. So, what looked like a kidney stone or UTI, turns out to be advanced kidney cancer. The man was just playing golf a few weeks ago. They see a mass on his lung and some questionable areas on his bones. His left kidney needs to be removed.

I cannot even tell you all that’s happened since then. But, I am bereft. My mom has moderate dementia and needs care also and is so afraid and confused. AND, they decided to do a lung biopsy before the kidney surgery and caused a pneumothorax that now has a chest tube in his side and rendered him unfit for surgery. They did not need this biopsy done prior to the kidney removal but, they did it anyway and now my dad is too compromised to get this kidney out. I am petrified of him getting pneumonia or a blood clot. He has been immobile for a week now.

He just re-did their wills and health care proxies and such, appointing me the caretaker of it all because my older sister moved out of state.

I CAN’T EVEN………………………………….