I am finally here!! Day -3 and counting!

Surprise I haven’t posted since I mentioned that I was finally going to have the stem cell transplant. Well yesterday was my first day of conditioning thus the -3 and counting. That means that when I finish the conditioning I will be at day 0 and I get the cells infused that day. Then I am off to the races. The conditioning consist of chemo to wipe out my bone marrow and an antibody to suppress my killer “T” cells so they won’t attack my brothers cells. I start anti rejection drugs tomorrow. I will be taking so much medicine I can start my own pharmacy!! Overall I am doing well except for the hives I broke out with from the antibody and of course it is mostly on my face. Can you say Bendryl please!! I have many challenges to come I just pray they will be minimal. My brother, Roger, has been a real trooper! He has to get two neupogen shots a day to stimulate his bone marrow to make more cells. After you get a couple of days of those your bones start throbbing with pain. He will do this for 4 days then on Tuesday they start collecting his cells to give to me. I will receive the cells on Wednesday and then they will collect more from him on Wednesday and I will get those on Thursday. Then it is wait and see if my bone marrow takes them up and starts reproducing them. It can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 30 days for this to happen. It is called engraftment. So until them I will be so susceptible to infection big time! I will be a walking Petrie dish waiting for any virus or bacteria to come my way!! They will have me on many ant-vitals and antibiotics to try to keep the bad guys away. The problem is the virus that lay dormant already in my body are the ones that can cause major problems! Then I have to ward off graft versus host disease which can be real threatening to me. Hopefully I won’t develop that because it can be serious and make me really sick. So there is alot of things that are real important than just waiting for cells to engraft. This is not a procedure for sissies. I have to suck it and pray alot! LOL I will do my best to blog as much as I can. This is real interesting biology, I just wish I didn’t have to experience first hand! LOL I know the Lord is watching over me and has my back and I will be cured by Him. I must remain faithful and know He is in control of this. I woke up this morning sininging “Jesus Loves Me” and yes I know because the bible tells me so! Thank you all for all the prayers and help. There are so many people in the background that are helping to make this happen. My heartfelt thanks to them too! Please don’t worry about for I am in good hands! Until tomorrow, I bid you all a good night!,