I’ve shrunk

I had an appointment at Liverpool today for my ECG and peak flow etc ready for my SCT in a few weeks.

One of the routine test they do is your height and weight. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight since I did it last time, which is worrying as I think I’m over weight now, done on purpose those as I know I will be losing quite a bit during my stay, well I did last time. At least it gives me an excuse to eat chocolate and biscuits along with lots of other junk food at the moment.

The one thing I was surprised about was my height. I’ve been 5’9 for many years, this time though I was 5’8 so I have lost an inch somewhere. I’m not 100% convinced until I see it again next time I have my height and weight taken. Maybe it’s one too many showers!

I didn’t have a following up appointment at Liverpool so I asked at the desk if I was supposed to have one as it’s unusual not too. She checked on the system and I hadn’t but is going to speak to Edwina to see when I am supposed to be in next and send an appointment out. The person who organised the ECG was supposed to have done it, but didn’t for some reason.

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