Hurricane Sandy

Well, it’s Friday. Olivia STILL doesn’t have school. Sandy packed a whallop for our area, mostly
in the form of very high winds and trees down everywhere. Pines were the worst. Their roots do not
go deep into the ground and they don’t lose their foliage, so the wind catches that and brings them down. My out-laws lost 3 huge ones, one of which is on top of their house and probably would have gone through it if not for the trees right in front of their porch that “caught” it and broke its fall.
It’s a mess here but the shore areas are destroyed and I have a hard time even watching the news because it is so darn sad. The expense of this is going to be crazy, for all the states involved and our government. We only lost power for 2 days and Tim bought that generator on Friday, which we only ran for a few hours at a time, but it kept our food cold, our house and water warm and I can’t complain, AT ALL. It also got my breast tests cancelled. I’d love to get it overwith but was pretty
nervous too so can’t say I was bummed to have it cancelled. I have not been called by the scheduler yet to re-schedule it. The gas lines here go for blocks and blocks and who knew that the best decision Tim would make would be buying a generator that runs on propane. He filled both tanks before the storm, and when one ran out, he drove right up the street and got it filled with NO line at all. People are going nuts out there. Tempers are high. Having dealt with my own health issues for so much of my life, and now Tim’s mm added to that, I just don’t get my knickers in a knot about this kind of stuff. It would be different if I lost my house and contents and was displaced for a long time, but, honestly, to hear people whine so badly about losing electric for 2 days, REALLY? People died out there, a woman had her 2 and 4 year olds ripped out of her arms in a flood and they drowned. Folks lost everything and won’t be able to go home at all. I guess I just know too many people fighting for their lives right now to get crazy about it. Olivia had a few friends over for a campfire Wed. night. We walked them down to Starbucks and I took the dog. While they
were inside, a couple walked up to meet my dog and we got into a conversation. They were retirement age, live in a town a few miles away, and came to walk our “avenue.” Their house was cold from having no heat. The woman’s name was Sandy and she started complaining like mad about the storm. At one point, I just said, “my husband is a cancer patient and I know too many young people, with kids, fighting for their lives right now, I just can’t get too upset about this” As soon as I said that about Tim, her husband raised his hand in a “me too salute.” Turns out he is dealing with a recurrance of small bowel cancer and his wife then admitted to me that this caregiver stuff is just killing her and she is a wreck. Tim came out of Starbucks and the kids were around the corner drinking their sugar-laden drinks and we had a long conversation with this couple. So much in common, but when I said something that had even the littlest hint of faith involved, she said, “ya see, you have that, I don’t, I’m Jewish, but a heathen, I don’t believe in any of that afterlife stuff. When my mother died and my sister said,”she’s with dad now”, I said, “no she’s not, she’s with the gophers.”
I found this to be really sad and thought, “no wonder she is having such a hard time dealing with this.” She even said then that she knew that it was making it harder for her. I dunno, it’s not that it takes the pain, fear, and sadness away, but I guess in some way, it gives one a little comfort to know
that someone has a darn plan in all this and we’ll all see each other again some day.When it was time to go, we’d just gotten word that our power was back on. I felt like I knew these people and we should be exchanging phone numbers, but then thought this was just another chance encounter with people living with cancer. They’re everywhere, so the “chance” part of that is not that surprising at all.
Well, my heart and prayer go out to so many that were devastated by this storm. Us Jersey folk just love our “Jersey shore” and it’s SO heartbreaking to see it wiped out. It will be rebuilt. It has Ya gotta be tough to live in Jersey though, and we’ll “dominate” this, as Phil B would say.