Humbly Grateful!

I have to apologize for not giving an update this week. It has been an uneventful week which is a good thing. Today, Friday, I had to have blood work done and basically I now have only 2 white cells left and not many more platelets but I have had no fevers or anything for that matter. But of course I have followed my doctor’s wishes to stay put. I only go out to have blood checked and I wear a mask when I do that. I return home and try to entertain myself. I haven’t allowed anyone to visit for the exception of a friend who traveled all the way from Long Island to attend a birthday party here locally, ask to come by to see me. Of course she was rudelly greeted with a face mask and hand sanitizer! LOL When someone has a white count as low as mine is now, allows them to be susceptible to some of the littlest, tiniest germs that can take me out. I basically have no means of fighting off infections, colds, etc.
Germs that would not even phase healthy people could be very bad for me. I am taking one
antibiotic and one anti-viral prophactically. That’s it and hopefully my counts don’t go
down any further because I am as low as I can go. I feel good except I tire easy because I
am anemic as well. Monday I will return to Duke for a full overlooking of my progress. If I
am still doing well on Monday then I will come home and wait until it is time to check to
see if treatment worked. I can continue to monitor blood here and only have to report to
Duke weekly. The plan is, if the treatment got all the rogue cells out of bone marrow then
on to transplant and forget about coming home for awhile. Enough of that boring stuff, I
wanted to say how grateful Dennis and I are for all the expressions of love and support
through monetary gifts, basket of wonderful to die for snacks and food.(that is real reason
I haven’t written update cuz I was feeding my face all week)LOL We were totally overwhelmed
by the gifts and out pour of support. I want to thank the many employees that work in
Physician Services department at SRMC for their generous love offering! The nurses and staff
at the Wound Care Center presented Dennis with a large wicker basket filled with wonderful
snacks and books. Just what someone would need when confined to home.(no aint sharing;)) I
even had someone make collards just because I said I had taste for them! Thank you, thank
you, thank you! You all know who you are and we are so thankful for all these act of
kindness! I often brag about my community when I am at Duke. I couldn’t ask to live and/or
be a part of such a supportive community! I continue to solicit your prayers for my family. They have to put up with a lot, me! Lol I must have seen every new movie that has come out on DVD. Then there is HBO, cinemax and Showtime to catch movies I haven’t seen. I do a lot of reading but I am still borrrred! How much tv can one watch without going stir crazy? Oh well, I am comfortably in my own home. The weather was so nice this week, I got some much needed exercise by walking my neighborhood. Yes exercise is part of the plan. We are told to walk as much as we can. Fitness center is out of the question but the great outdoors won’t hurt you as long as you don’t stop and smell the flowers!LOL I am not to be around fresh flowers or plants. Yes they carry germs too! Germs, germs, germs! That is all I here, “stay away from germs as much as possible”! LoL ;)
Until next time, watch out for those GERMS!! XXXOO
Thankfully yours,