How lucky we are…..

Tomorrow, we will have had my honey home from the hospital for one week. Our daughter Gale, “the nurse”, gets her Stethoscope and listens to his chest…….and she says it sounds clear. Finally, the pneumonia is gone. He’s still weak and feels bad, but she tells him it’s going to take awhile for him to recover. Just standing, to shave, makes him weak and gasping for breath.

Today, we went to the Cancer Center for his monthly appointment with his oncologist, and Dr. H verified what “our nurse” had been saying. “You were very sick, it’s going to take awhile for you to get over this.” He finished up with “You are looking good”. Dr. H can always put a smile on his face. If confidence in one’s doctor is half the battle, then we’re on our way to winning the fight!

What a long day this turned out to be! It was the day for the Zometa infusion, but because he has had pneumonia it was now necessary to begin having IVIG (immunoglobulins) infusions. The immunoglobulin is a blood product administered intravenously. It contains the pooled IgG (immunoglobulin (antibody) G) extracted from the plasma of over one thousand blood donors. IVIG’s effects last between 2 weeks and 3 months. It is mainly used when the patient has had an acute infection or has a compromised immune system (as is caused by MM and the treatment thereof).

The IVIG is given in his Infusa Port, with Benadryl, Zantac, and Steroids and takes approximately 4 – 5 hours to administer. He slept much of the time during the procedure, and by the time we started toward home, near 3 p.m., the steroids had taken over …… and he talked, non-stop!

He still has terrible pains, in his legs …… those pains that are close to bringing tears. “Our nurse” has begun to give him Tylenol whenever he takes his Dilaudid, and it does seem to help. Dr. H also agreed it was a good idea as long as he doesn’t receive more than 4 grams (4,000 mg), per day.

We know that it’s getting close to time for “our nurse” to get back to her home, and her family (just as our TX daughter had to do), and I’m dreading that time.  How lucky we are. I thank the Good Lord, everyday, for these two special daughters. They are my strength. How lucky we are.