How Ironic?

Isn’t it just ironic that the song that my kids keep putting on the ipod (after Barbie Girl) is Fame’s ‘I’m going to live for ever’!!

Last week it set me off in tears everytime I heard it, so it’s a good sign that this week I can hear it without feeling sorry for myself!!

Off to the Marsden tomorrow to meet with my lovely lady to hear what will happen moving onwards. We’re expecting for me to get moved onto Velcade or have to come off the trial to go onto different drugs, but we don’t know what the timescales look like for that really. Lots of questions for them about what it means for me that the Revlimid didn’t work, effect on life prognosis etc, as well as what happens if the velcade doesn’t work next….though I’m not sure I want the answer on that one as it won’t be good news if I have cut out 2 of the major drugs!!!

Anyway, I’ve had a much more positive weekend and start to the week so hopefully that will be backed up tomorrow with some good news while I’m on a roll…..