How being a minimalist helps when you’re​ not feeling well.

This last week really threw me for a loop. I had a terrible hacking cough and lung congestion. I just didn’t feel well. But all the house routines and chores went smoothly and efficiently because of minimalism. There’s less stuff to take care. The housework can be managed by B or my daughter. They know the routine and it’s all because of what we’ve worked on in this last 3 years.

Dinners are simplified with a menu plus the meals are generally simple. Beans, rice, salads, some proteins like tofu or chicken make it easy to pull together.  I have a theme for every night , like Taco Tuesday, crockpot Thursday. So although the item maybe different it still uses the theme.The toughest part is just figuring out what you want to make or feel like eating when you’re sick. We had a few more soups than usual and that was perfect. Especially since it’s been raining nonstop.

The budget is all in place and simplified.  Most everything is on auto pay. A few things need to be put in manually like our PGE because we’re on their balanced payment program and it can’t be automated. Plus this month has been a no spend month so there wasn’t going to Target or wherever. That’s been great although I am having a candle withdrawal moment.

This morning, for instance, I checked bank stuff went to pay the Allstate but it wasnt due yet so I’ll wait a few more days.. Then I started a laundry load and dusted and still need to do a quick vacuum. So there’s less to dust, less to put away etc. I started another thrift store box and have a few things in there. One is my postal scale I used when I did Ebay. I used it everyday. Now I haven’tused it in maybe 2 years. I thought I’d  sell it but it’s kinda dinged up so someone will be delighted to find it at the Goodwill.