How are you?

While I’m waiting for a positive sign and there is a lot of distraction around me, I must tell you how things are going. Not so good. I’m in daily pain, which is bearable because I take paracetamol/codeine 4 times a day. Since a couple of weeks I also take oxynorm regularly. To keep the plumbing going I also take one or two sachets of movicol. The ain is not unbearable and I can still dive my car (if I take no oxynorm), but I don’t achieve a lot. From the bed to the chair and from the chair to the bed, and behind my desktop fot an hour or so….. That’s about it. A bit of wordfeud on the iPad. Doing shopping is still possible but is quite a challenge. In short, something’s gotta change, because pain all day makes you very tired.

Hopefully I can give some better news in my next blog….