Hottest dentist award

Yesterday, Olivia had her first appointment with a new dentist. Our old dentist is retiring and sold his business to someone that is a bit of a ride from here. Olivia’s orthodontist recommended 2 guys just a mile or so away. Turns out my neighbors use them and like them. So, off we go. Olivia gets her braces next week and I wanted her to have a cleaning before they were put on. So, a real nice woman cleans her teeth and asks if I have a preference of dentist to see. I told her that I didn’t know either of them so  whomever she thought was best with kids would be great. She said, “they’re both great with kids” and went out to grab one. Apparently, she chose the one that is favorite among MOMS, ’cause a few minutes later, in walks this little slice of heaven. I’m pretty sure my mouth dropped open as he walked up to me with a megawatt smile, dimples, and moon eyes to say hello and shake my hand. Maybe I should take this time to tell y’all that Tim does not read my blog and doesn’t even know how to find it. He is not a computer guy. Hates them really, so when I say things about MM, my struggles as a caregiver, his family, or in this case, smokin’ hot doctors, he is not seeing any of this. OK where was I, (SWOON) oh yes, the GQ dentist. So he checks her teeth as I’m watching and thinking that we have DEFINITELY found our new dentist here. He says, “everything looks great” and walks us out to the desk to pay, shaking both our hands again and saying, “it was nice to meet you.” Um…………….YEAH SAME HERE!!!  I grab a business card and circle his name so I do NOT forget which one we saw and pay my bill wondering if they have a different pay scale for dental work done by a shirtless dentist. A girl can dream. Wow, I have NEVER met a dentist like that. Just criminal what that man does for a pair of scrubs. I would have kicked old Dr. Johnson to the curb YEARS ago if I’d known about this guy! I think it’s high time for a checkup and cleaning for myself. My dental health just got a WHOLE lot more important to me!  ;o)