Hotel Review

We recently went to Disney with the kids. I’ve always been a big fan of the house of mouse as service is top of the line. Well today I headed up to Boston to see the Docs at DFCI for my six-month check-up. On a prior visit we had stayed at the Westin Copley and the stay was extremely mediocre – I felt like we were staying for a convention.

This visit we stayed at Fifteen Beacon, downtown, near Beacon Hill. Upon arrival they were wonderful. When mentioning I needed to get to DFCI they offered the hotel car. They set us up w free wifi, got us dinner ressies and offered us a double upgrade (for the price of a single.) Fireplace in the room, “boutiquey” and hip decor, the place was a real find and worth the price. I highly recommend if you’re looking for a place in Boston that’s in the center but a little more relaxed and less “conventioneer” feeling!

But in the same vein, good friends can offer a similar experience. I got a bizarre email from a friend I hadn’t spoken to in years yesterday. I responded jokingly that he had been hacked and someone had spammed his address book as he’d never be capable of such a heartfelt message! He immediately called me!

He had been through a rough patch recently with a bunch of back to back medical procedures and had been doped up pretty well. Unfortunately he probably liked that part too much and when he finally had to come down it was a long way down! He dropped into a funk and closed himself off from the world for quite awhile. The recent “spam” was his debutante announcement, entering back into the real world.

We chatted today and it was just another reminder of how friends are friends, no matter how distant. You may not speak for years but when you do, it’s as if you had spoken only yesterday. Don’t ever forget this fact – it’s an irrefutable fact of life. It’s also one of those things that can get you through those tough times.

I’ve been very lucky during my ordeal in that I’ve avoided the black hole of depression and “why me” that could have embraced me. I can’t say exactly why except that I have family that loves and supports me (and puts up with me) as well as friends that all have a glass half full (with another pint in waiting.)

I have had my trials and tribulations in the blogosphere. When first starting this blog I was trying to find a picture of the catheter that would be used in the harvesting procedure. I found a perfect shot and prior to publishing I wanted to get permission from the blogs owner. Not being able to find an email for the author, I went to the most recent update. Only to find out the author had died three months prior. That was my first view into that black hole and I shut it down immediately! For that reason, I didn’t pay attention to other blogs (my mistake) as the thought of getting to “know” someone that may not be there in the immediate future opened up that door to the void again.

Well f_ck that! Friends are friends, whether they’re personal or blog-linked, and I need to remember that and ask that everyone else do the same. Life’s too short to not enjoy friends, family and a good hotel!

Now go shoot an email to a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in awhile. You’ll feel better having made the effort and if you’re scared to do so…comment here and I’ll send them a message!

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