Hot Myeloma News – Bart Barlogie Will Practice Elsewhere!  Why Not Everywhere? 

I recently received a letter confirming that Dr. Bart Barlogie will not retire and ride off into the sunset with new leathers and a new limited edition Harley Hog.  The official line is “While Dr. Barlogie resigned and retired from UAMS, he is looking to start practicing soon elsewhere.”   It seem so out of character for him to leave a practice he has nurtured from nothing to a world class organization, and sad to know there will be a UAMS without Dr. Barlogie.  I am not privy to the goings on with the leadership of UAMS, however it looks to me like personalities and politics must have had a part to play.  So now in the background you should be hearing the music by The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I GoCLICK HERE for a listen as you read the letter below.  That is a question each patient currently treated by Dr. Barlogie will have to make for themselves.  For some it may be location, location, location.  If he practices in Germany then my new doctor is Dr. Van Rhee, and if he moves to Jacksonville, where I live then it would be a no brainer. Nick Van Dyk does an outstanding job of going through the decision process that he will go through for his choice of treatment for the future.  CLICK HERE to read it.  After you read the letter I will let you know what I would love to see the good doctor do for his encore.

I often wondered what would have happened if Dr. Barlogie would have taken his show on the road. Bart in one location seemed to be such a waste of talent.   If he would have used UAMS as a central facility and had mini McMIRT centers all over the county.  I know UAMS and MIRT was a tremendous economic benefit for Little Rock and for Arkansas, so there was little to no incentive for UAMS to push this idea.  But now there is a blank slate, and what if there were McMIRTs all over the county and as is the case now all of his patients would outlive the current average of 4 years and meet his current average now of over 8 years.  If like Walmart did in retail he could take the majority of the myeloma patients or just 12500 or half of the total, that would be 50,000 years of life saved each and every year.  So many lives to save and so few qualified multiple myeloma specialists to do it.  I can dream can’t I.   It could be expanded to all blood cancers and be a McMIRT, McMayo, McAnderson, or McFarber Blood Cancer Center. 

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