Hot, Hot, Hot.

No I am not talking about myself those days have long gone I am afraid, but wasn’t the weather just glorious yesterday. Ooh that’s made me think of another great country song I wish I could attach the video here, never mind I think you can see it by following this link.

If you are a mum you may recognise yourself or perhaps it’s just a husbands fantasy?

It was lovely to see Jem in the morning with my gorgeous grandson. Elliot is growing up so quickly I am trying not to blink and miss any of it (Ref to yesterday’s blog If you were wondering and haven’t read it yet). We had fun washing the dollies, pulling Elliot around in the dog cart and showing Elliot the big tractor in the barn, although I think Grandpa enjoyed this more!

Today I am looking forward to seeing Pollyanna and her boyfriend Rob. It looks like they both had a busy afternoon taking Elliot to Standalone Farm for a picnic lunch, and she is kindly sorting out lunch again today. That girl never stops I wonder who she takes after?

Well that was short and sweet but it is a bank holiday!

Enjoy your extra day off. Apparently it was thought of as a day of revelry when the seeding was completed and it was convenient to allow the farm workers time off to skip around the maypole. So do whatever takes your fancy today but don’t forget to revel in it.

Deborah x