Hospital stay

Well after a long wait I’m finally on a ward. Its 17:35 and I’ve just settlled into my side room. So its been a rather long day after arriving at about 11:00 am approximately. It hasn’t been anyone’s fault really, its just been one of those things, waiting for blood results to come bacck and having to liason with Liverpool hospital as well as trying to find me a bed!

There really not sure what the problem is, but are treating it as a possible infection. I will probably be in for at least a couple of days. I was asked if I wanted to go to Liverpool or stay in Chester. Chester is much better for me, it’s closer to home and easier for Charito to come and see me, she works on the same road as the hospital, only five minute walk away. If I wading Liverpool she wouldn’t be able to come and visit me at all!

My Life with Myeloma Sean Tiernan