Hospital Rhythm

There is a definite rhythm to a long term hospital stay.  It is not like life on the outside. The beat is driven by food delivery, doctor rounds, med administration, taking of vitals, tests, blood draws, etc. All of which can happen at any hour…day or night.  Sleep is ancillary. If you are scheduled for vitals at 2 pm and your blood draw is at 3, so be it. So you learn to catch little cat naps of an hour or two when you can.

I’m currently sitting comfortably here at Cedars Sinai….by all measures a first tier hospital.  I’ve got fractured ribs (don’t ask!) and a line of chemo therapy in my PIC line delivering what we expect to be a knockout punch to the leukemia cells.    Earlier today, the also set me up to toss some chemo directly into my spinal fluid….which is apparently a place they like to hide. It did’t hurt at all

Chemo began last night around 10pm.  It was proceeded by a consent form reading that was apparently written by Steven King about all the possible side effects of what I was about to endure.   It definitely scared the crap out of me, but it went better than I had feared. The only hiccup involved severe tremors that began around 2 pm. They responded by suspending the chemo, giving me some meds, and turning it back on at a slower rate.  They also hopped me up with IV Benadryl (imagine!) and some Adavan that succeeded in conking me out so that I actually got pretty close to a normal night of sleep.

So, as of now, I’m resting comfortably.  Not having any bad reaction to the poison pulsing through my body.  And looking forward to moving things forward so I can get home and reboot my life.  I’m again very grateful for all the kind support. It is my oxygen. Thank you all!