Hospital – First night

After settling in to my room I continued with my fluids and later on that evening I was given two lots of antibiotics, the names of which fail me. My tablets have been changed again upon the advice of Liverpool.

I couldn’t understand though why my spike in temperature always happened in the evening and not during the day. As on the other night, last night was the same, my temp started rising in the evening. After speaking to the doctor this morning she explained that the body naturally secretes steroids into the blood stream during the day, which is helping with fighting the temperature, however as the day/evening goes on this natural defence mechanism reduces, hence my temp will start to rise again. At least I have that one explained!

I’m still not eating properly and have diarhea in fact I’ve not eaten anything yesterday apart from a couple of spoon fulls of soup, that just virtually went through me! I’m going to see the diatician later so I can get some milkshake supplements.

They are going to do some peripheral culture tests later on. These are similar to the blood cultures taken from my Hickman line, but straight from my arm instead of from the line. This will hopefully see if the infection is in the line or just in my body.

It’s now 10am and if anything else happens I will try and let you know.

My Life with Myeloma Sean Tiernan