Hopefully Towards the End of the Hospital Stay

It’s like 9:30 Monday night and it’s my first night to sleep over in the hospital. Hello little couch! It’s looking like it’ll probably be the last night here as they tell us there’s a good chance we will be getting out tomorrow. Fingers are crossed.

Since Dad’s numbers have pretty much stayed down, we haven’t had too much “action” disease wise.  Dad’s creatinine levels (kidney function) have stayed pretty low and he’s happy about that. It’s pretty much the same day after day – just the nurses change!

Stem Cell Update

Our doctor has been pretty adamant that we go the stem cell route. We are qualified as the chemo has been working.  The last couple of days we have been going through the process of  A) trying to get the insurance approved and B) switching doctors.

We got a few recommendations on Stem Cell doctors and I think Mom has made a choice. We are setting up some meetings with her this week. We googled her (silly us) and she looks nice and she went to NYU for Med School!  We think it might be meant to be.. lol.

Hotel Update

We’ve been really happy with our nurses and our room. We’ve done some exploring and are pretty familiar with the observatory on the 24th floor and the “Park” on the second. Rick, Marsha and Jennie came one day and we had some wine up in the observatory :)

Dad and I tried to do an outside walk the other day, but Matilda doesn’t like the sidewalk cracks. Besides, there’s not anything really all that exciting outside.  They need like an outdoor cafe or a really nice garden or something.  The indoor “Park” isn’t cutting it for fresh air.

The food has been hit or miss. Sometimes we really like the food and others are just okay. Nothing has been inedible so far and my quesadilla the other day was actually pretty good…

Dad’s been skipping wearing a hospital gown (thanks to Lisa who made him a fancy Zelcro shirt!) so it seems pretty normal in the room…  except that he’s attached to Matilda.

The bed randomly moves (apparently to keep patients from getting bed sores). It keeps startling me!

Dad has had some visitors over the last couple days which means that Mom and I have gotten a break. We got to go shopping a couple of times :) YAY Tax Free Weekend!

Run Update

First off, that’s to everyone that has donated so far. We are really humbled by how much support we have seen and appreciate your generosity.

I took Anna running with me this morning – she’s a fast one!  I told her she needs to sign up for cross country when she hits middle school.

Other News

I’m headed home on Wednesday. It’ll be good to be home, but sad to leave.

Thanks for everyone who has been following. I love getting all of the comments :)