Hooray my donor cells are starting to engraft!

Hi, after a fairly miserable day yesterday this morning I woke up, staggered to the loo and thought that my backside didn’t seem quite as sore. Then my consultant said the white cells and neutrophils are just starting to rise! Felt quite emotional, despite the fact that I had a splitting headache and felt terrible. Long way to go yet ofc.

Yesterday my nose started to bleed and my knees developed a rash – low platelets. But there was a breakdown of one of the blood storage units and so the platelets didn’t arrive until late evening yesterday. My platelets had gone down to 9 – normal range is from I think about 140/150 upwards…

I have also been stuffed so full of fluids that my whole body is like sausages stuck together and I need more to replace eg magnesium and phosphates. Also having blood today. Hopefully I won’t be quite as tired then.

The G-CSF injection used to stimulate the cells makes me ache badly and I have a dire headache, but hopefully this will pass with treatment and paracetamol.

I have also been put on a different antibiotic as we just can’t quite get the temp down yet – it tends to hover around 37.5ish. I was woken twice in the night, once by the doctor, who eventually got round to me, and once for the mobile x-ray unit who did a chest x-ray.

So lots of issues still to address, but some good news!