Home Sweet Home

Shhh, it is a secret! I escaped today and if I promised to be good they would not send a posse after me. Thank goodness, it was a last minute decision my doctor made since so far I am not suffering real bad. But I think he was glad to get rid of me. I had to sign in blood that I would stay in and also not throw any wild parties. My blood work will be monitored by my local wonderful oncologist, Dr. Ahmed. I was going stir crazy living out of a suitcase in a motel where the housekeeper harassed us if we weren’t out of the room by 9am. She needed to clean so she could go home early. I wanted to go home too! I won’t know for a couple of weeks whether this chemo regimen worked. I can’t imagine anything possibly surviving the powerful stuff I was given 24 hours around the clock. Myeloma cells are notorious for being stubborn and hard to get rid of. So now we hurry up and wait. Monitor any side effects that still might come about but other than that I am optimistically surprise that I can still stand up, walk,eat and drink. Not all at the same time though!;) Thanks again for everyone’s prayers and well wishes. It means a lot, this can be a lonely existence. I also would like you to pray for my fellow partners in crime, who couldn’t go home today. There are a lot of them sicker than I. They look sad when you get to leave but we are always happy for one another and always cheering each other on! Until next time, nighty, night! XXXOO