Home from Dom’s 50 Year Class Reunion

We just returned home yesterday from a trip up to Cleveland.  We had BIG FUN.  (Horrid drive home, but more on that later).

After being with Dom for 30 years and hearing outrageous stories about these friends, it was so nice to meet them.  What a great group of guys.  (And I loved their wives!)

The reunion was held at The Radisson in Eastlake, Ohio.  There were 300-400 people in attendance.  OUR TABLE was the place to be!  (like that’s a surprise, right?).  Best looking gang at the place, and also the youngest both in looks and attitude. (We gals were the hottest in attendance, as well…. Dom’s friends haven’t changed, and neither has he!  LOVE IT!)

Plans were made for visits from a few of them.  Can’t wait to spend some beach time with my new pals!

In closing this post, let me say that Dom was grinning from ear to ear all night.  It tickled me to see him so happy!  Oh, the stories of the “glory days” came non-stop.  And it was great to finally be able to place faces to these stories and names!  (Wish I had pics of some of the other fellas… which is a good reason for them to come down for a visit…. NEW MEMORIES!)