Home at Last

Just a short entry to say I eventually got home on Monday evening. very nice to be home and Bob and the kids have done a great job tidying and cleaning etc.

I am exhausted – I probably did too much on Tuesday, which is always the case when you get home. Just having to climb stairs etc is tiring.

Yesterday I got set up with a feed pump for my PEG and we managed to feed me overnight.

Today I don’t feel like doing anything, though did get up earlyish. But have had to nap this afternoon.

Tomorrow we have to go back to Leicester for an outpatients appt.

My major difficulty has been trying to get 100mg Ciclosporin pills down – the are HUGE and I had been taking 25 or 50s. Today I just couldn’t get it down, but N’ton hospital swung into action and got me some 25s!

I am still not very hungry, but have eaten a bit more and hope now I’m at home I will eat more.

Will write more as and when.