Home Again After a Long Slog

Hi, sorry everyone for not writing an entry for so long. I struggled badly having to go back in and was depressed. I was on the end of a lot of nagging, and telling me to exercise. My muscles are are as weak as water, and on coming home I could not get up the stairs. But now I am making slow progress a step at a time. I do some slow pacing  around and have even managed 1 minute of the cross trainer, though that actually may have been too much.

I have graft versus host on my skin and look terrible. My face is bright red and I have pustules as if I have the plague. I have steroid cream for it and I am also taking steroids. These annoyingly keep me awake even though I am knackered. I have to take sleeping tablets to get to sleep at night,

I am being fed at night through my peg tube and that gives me spectacular poos and wind – sorry. I use incontinence pants to save the worse problems.

I will try to do some quick updates as and when. Hope everyone out there who is being treated is getting on OK. If things go quiet it may be I am back in hospital – hopefully not but it does happen!!