It looked as if there might be flooding in the area of Houston where the apartment is, so Kirk and I decided to come home to Dallas now. It was a good decision. Tuesday, we’ll return so I can have my catheter removed at MDA. Hurricane Dean is heading much further south, so there’s no reason we can’t keep that appointment.

The weather here in Dallas is beautiful, though balmy. Vastly different, however, from the balminess that I associate with Houston. In Dallas, there is a nice breeze and temps stay in the 70’s all morning. Making for a nice cup of coffee on the back porch anytime before 1PM.

The cat and dog were so relieved to see me. On Saturday, the doorbell rang and there was a man standing there with a huge candy bouquet from my mom, Lisa and Randy. There was a teapot vase that looked like something Mary Engelbright would design. I immediately ate one of the chocolates. It was such a thoughtful gift.

Joe, Jen, Zenny and Jordan (who is talking up a storm) came over for a quick visit, then Kirk, Jacob and I went to look at washers and dryers at the Sears outlet. Our washer dumps rust stains (and even bleach) unexpectedly on most anything I wash sometimes. Kirk took it apart months ago to see if he could clean it up and fix it, but it continues. So we’re seeing what we can afford to do, right now.

I’m about to take Jacob for a haircut. Jacob’s trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back was difficult, but a great accomplishment (he agrees.) It was probably harder than he and his dad imagined it would be, but nonetheless they are glad they did it. On the way, they had the chance to visit relatives in New Mexico, as well. Jacob had never met his cousins on his dad’s side (not since he was three years old!) so it was a good trip all around.

I feel very blessed to be home, have hair and my family all around me.