Hold the Mayo

When I posted my M-spike update yesterday, I completely forgot to post a Mayo update.

Not this kind of Mayo. The kind that is healthy for you.

I started going to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota a couple of weeks after my official diagnosis in 2005. I wanted a second opinion, because a doctor here (not my current doctor) wanted me to have a stem-cell transplant ASAP. Going to Mayo turned out to be a great move, because I was able to postpone the transplant. I still haven’t needed one — so far. Yay, Mayo!

After that first visit, I went there every few months, then every six months (and sometime in there I had a three-week stay for my harvest), and then just once a year. Jay and I debated going/not going last year, but my doctor stopped seeing patients in the clinic and I wanted to meet my new doctor. This year, I called to make my usual summer appointment, and there were very few time slots open. I don’t know if I waited too long or if there just aren’t many appointments available to begin with. None of the open appointment times worked with our summer schedule, so we finally decided to just skip my checkup this year.

I asked my nurse practitioner about it, and she said skipping the checkup would be totally fine. She didn’t even have to stop to think about it.

Still, I feel a little weird; this will be the longest I’ve been away from Mayo in over seven and a half years. It’s a good weird, though, knowing that I’m healthy enough to miss it. Best of all, no Pee Pod! Woo hoo!

See you later, Mayo! I’ll be back sometime. Just not this summer.